There’s nothing boring about history. Why, then, do so many of us feel unmoved by the past? Maybe we just don’t know the stories. Maybe we just don’t understand the personalities. Maybe we just can’t feel the drama. Maybe we need to walk in the way of our forebears in the faith.

This summer I visited several sites in Germany connected to the life of Martin Luther, who inaugurated one of the greatest revivals in Christian history 500 years ago this month. I walked where he wandered and stooped where he studied. I marveled at his courage as Luther provoked the political authorities who could take his life and rebuked the religious authorities who could condemn his soul. What except the grace of God could sustain such faith?

Even if you don’t usually enjoy learning about the past—and especially if you don’t know what made Luther such a pivotal figure in Christian history—this podcast is for you. Let “Walking in the Way of Grace with Martin Luther” take you on a journey across centuries and borders as you learn the remarkable story of the monk who defied the powers and defined the modern age.

One sinner saved and sustained by grace can—and did—change the world.

This first episode covers:

  • Luther’s early life
  • The world of pre-Reformation Europe
  • Luther’s troubled conscience
  • Luther’s anti-Semitism
  • Crisis catalysts: the Black Death, Islam, humanism, corruption, and technology