Genocide. Christians in areas of the Middle East that have been overrun by ISIS confirm that’s exactly the situation they’re facing. The radical group has left destruction in its wake, robbing people of their homes, money, medication, and, in some instances, their very lives.


But amid this persecution there is the light of gospel hope. In the latest edition of our Going Deeper with TGC podcast, Mark Mellinger speaks with Brother Victor, a Christian leader in the Middle East who has been in the center of the storm, working to help believers who have been forced to flee their homes and have lost all or most of their earthly possessions. “The trauma is indescribable,” Brother Victor says. Yet through their tears and pain, Middle Eastern believers are taking comfort that this hardship confirms the authenticity of their faith. They are seeing the Lord bring about scores of conversions. And they are prayerfully hoping they will be able to return to the houses and church buildings they’ve been forced to vacate.

In this 17-minute interview, you’ll hear Brother Victor describe the difficulty of the situation in detail. He talks as well about the underlying issues that have allowed ISIS to become a threat in the first place, whether he’s optimistic that President Obama’s plan to step up U.S. assistance will make a difference, and how we can best pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. He also points to other practical ways those of us outside the Middle East can help, specifically mentioning Global Hope Network InternationalSamaritan’s Purse, and others as organizations worthy of financial support as they provide desperately needed humanitarian aid.

For security purposes, our guest asked to be identified only as Brother Victor, and we are honoring that. May God be pleased to do more than we can ask or imagine in alleviating the suffering of Middle East Christians, and may the rest of us be on our knees asking him how we might play a role in helping them bear their burdens.