Almost every day, it seems, we read news of another daunting challenge to Christians who seek to love our neighbors by teaching and practicing a biblical view of marriage. Just this week, one of the most prominent ministers in the UK, Steve Chalke, announced his support for same-sex relationships. The European Court of Human Rights ruled against Christians seeking protection from being coerced to recognize the legitimacy of same-sex relationships in their work. And American evangelicals continue to debate how to respond after Louie Giglio became the target of criticism from gay-rights groups and withdrew from offering a prayer at President Obama’s inauguration.

More than ever, we need to learn from the example and counsel of Christians who have fought in the grace of God and power of the gospel to pursue holiness and shun the temptation of homosexuality. Sam Allberry shared one such inspiring story and showed us how the gospel can be good news to gays. Another powerful, prophetic voice for our time comes from Christopher Yuan, co-author of Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God, A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope. In the latest edition of Going Deeper with TGC, Yuan talks with Mark Mellinger and me about costly discipleship and how the gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope the world cannot match. He discusses the limitations of the gay/straight paradigm and why he declines to call himself a “gay Christian.” He also challenges the church to make room for biblical singleness, because “living as a single is not a curse.” Listen for his insight about the similarities between the Muslim and gay communities, then check out his recent review of a new book from the founder of the Gay Christian Network.