At TGCW21, Ligon Duncan taught from the book of Romans on the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work in the Christian life to conform us into the image of Jesus. 

Duncan encourages Christians to endure the work of sanctification through God’s Spirit, even when it’s discouraging. He gives five truths about sanctification that help anchor the soul: 

1. Justification and sanctification both ground our sense of freedom in the Christian life, providing a way to obey.

2. God’s grace always produces heart change in the believer, which leads to seeing God’s delight in us.

3. Worldliness doesn’t subject itself to the law of God, and when we pursue worldliness, the Spirit’s work in us can feel like death.

4. Worldliness is unable to subject itself to God’s law. We are actually in bondage when we follow our own way, but when we submit, we are free.

5. It is impossible to please God in worldliness. But the Christian walking in the Spirit is at peace, subject to the law, and able to obey because of the Spirit’s work within.

Duncan closes with the reminder that God’s purpose from the beginning has always been and will always be to conform us into the image of his Son, through the work of the Holy Spirit.