“God is so faithful. He says, ‘If you bring me your sin, if you uncover it before me, I will cover it. I will do the very thing that you’re trying to do in your own strength and power. I will cover it in the blood of my Son.’” — Juan Sánchez

In his message at TGC Chicago’s 2022 regional conference, Juan Sánchez uses Nehemiah’s example of prayer to illustrate how we should earnestly seek the Lord. He emphasizes that believers must be people of action and that a crucial first step always involves prayer.

Sánchez highlights how Nehemiah rooted his prayers in God’s character, acknowledged his own sins, recalled God’s promises, and then presented his requests before the throne of grace. Regularly confessing our sins is essential to remaining in good communion with God. May we run to God in prayer, allowing him to cleanse and cover us.


What Are the Essential Disciplines of a Godly Man?

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