Sam Allberry leads a breakout session at TGCW21 on receiving the gift of singleness. Allberry encourages Christians, both married and single, with three reasons why singleness is a gift and not a curse.

He explains that the culture, and even sometimes the church, has taught us that we can only find happiness and intimacy through marriage. But the true, biblical view of singleness shows us that:

  1. Singleness is good, and we should embrace it as a gift.
  2. Singleness allows us to find intimacy and deep friendship within the church—our true family.
  3. Singleness reveals our longing for Jesus, our true and perfect Bridegroom, and we can rejoice in the marriage we have in Christ.

With this in view, singleness can become an opportunity to taste the goodness of God. When singleness is seen as a gift, the single Christian can be thankful to God—and such gratitude changes everything.