Ray Ortlund led a breakout session at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference in Indianapolis titled “Pastor, You and Your Church Can Get Healthy Again.” Framing the conversation in light of Paul’s affirmation of the Colossian church (Col. 2:5), Ortlund focused on church health as the fruit of both good order and firmness of faith. Held in tandem, these two seemingly dichotomous glories reveal a church that is informed, united, convicted, and steadfast—reflecting the complex vitality of Christ himself. Ortlund closed out the session with four encouragements for pastors seeking health:

  1. For your own soul’s sake, read The Whole Christ by Sinclair Ferguson.
  2. In your public ministry, preach through whole books of the Bible, especially the books you’ve never dared to preach from.
  3. As you lead your church forward, never stop affirming your church.
  4. Spread a sense of cheerful adventure by showing your people that you are growing. 
Editors’ note: 

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