When parents choose schooling for their children, they weigh a complicated set of variables, including finances, proximity to good schools, and the personality of each child. In this discussion, TGC Council members Juan Sánchez and Afshin Ziafat, along with TGC editor Sam Allberry, talk about how they counsel Christian parents making education decisions.

They agree that no one solution is right for everyone, but a common denominator should rule parents’ decision on education: “The thing I want to stress as a pastor,” Ziafat says, “is that the parents are the primary disciple-makers, regardless of which route you take.” As Allberry puts it, “Christian parents should be committed to Christian formation for their children. We have freedom as believers for what route we take in order to do that.”

But Allberry also cautions, “There are going to be dangers and drawbacks with any route. It’s not like one route is always problem-free. That’s why we need to have freedom—and allow each other to have freedom.”