“[God’s Word] did a much deeper work in Rahab than merely making her afraid. . . . While the hearts of all of the rest of the people in Jericho melted into fear, Rahab’s heart melted into faith.” –– Nancy Guthrie

In her keynote message at TGCW22, Nancy Guthrie teaches on the faith of Rahab and the encouragement it provides for us to risk everything for God.

There’s a thread of protection from God’s judgment throughout the Old Testament for those who believe his promises are true. In the book of Joshua, Rahab—a prostitute and outsider—understands the most foolish thing a person can do is set themselves against the living God, ignoring what he’s promised. Instead of remaining faithful to the people in her context, Rahab risks everything to join the people of God. Rahab is welcomed because of her faith and is ultimately saved from destruction. This teaches us salvation comes to those who risk everything on the Word of God being true, and salvation comes to those who rest completely in the mercy of God.

Guthrie concludes with an exhortation and says, “Do not presume upon the mercy of God; take hold of it. Risk everything on the promises of God being true and that they are for you, no matter who you are or what you’ve done.”

Editors’ note: 

Nancy Guthrie is a microevent speaker at TGC’s 2023 National Conference, “Hope in the Wilderness,” September 25–27, in Indianapolis. You can browse the complete list of topics and speakers. Register soon!