During a panel discussion at TGC21, Hannah Nation, Ryan Zhang, and S. E. Wang from China Partnership discuss the experience of the Chinese church and how the American church can learn from its suffering and kingdom mindset.

Since the 1970s, the church in China has grown 60-fold, which is a clear sign of revival. Nation and her team challenge and encourage the American church to pray for revival and learn from the Chinese church by adopting these four beliefs and practices:

1. Believe that prayer is real and powerful.

2. Know that the church really is the best gift you can give to your city.

3. Don’t slow down in evangelism as you encounter pressure or persecution.

4. Keep repentance central in the life of the church.

Stories of persecuted pastors from China show that the more focus is put on kingdom advancement, the more Christ is seen and glorified. One Chinese pastor said it best: “Survival is not our calling. Rather, the goal of the church is uncompromisable evangelism and discipleship.”

Editors’ note: 

Read more on this topic in “How Chinese Pastors Developed Their Theology for Suffering” by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra.