What will it look like for TGC to continue seeking reformation according to Scripture?

We posed this question in a roundtable video to TGC co-founders Don Carson and Tim Keller, along with Council member John Piper.

Carson takes a step back and considers the word “reform,” which can have antiquarian baggage for many. Citing the example of Richard Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor (which for Baxter meant “renewed” pastor), he urges to think in terms of Scripture-shaped renewal. Faithfulness to TGC’s Foundation Documents, according to Piper, must be rooted in constant examination of God’s Word. By doing so, we will have true reform and renewal with whatever challenges we face in the future.

Watch (or listen below) to the 10-minute conversation as these leaders discuss the heart of TGC conferences, fresh discoveries of truth when the gospel moves into a new culture, the holy joy of diverse unity in Christ, and more.