It’s no secret Western culture is shifting fast, particularly in the realm of sexual ethics. What was unfathomable just 30 years ago is normal today.

How should Christians engage our neighbors who think differently? How can pastors equip Christians to talk about these things in a way that’s loving, winsome, and compelling?

In a roundtable video, Tim Keller (TGC vice president, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, and author of Center Church), Russell Moore (president of the ERLC and author of Onward), and Kevin DeYoung (pastor of University Reformed Church and author of What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?) sit down to tackle such questions. Moore encourages us not to panic since we’re not facing unfamiliar opponents to the gospel. DeYoung counsels us to see people as people and to be conscious of our words. Keller stresses the value of laying theological and philosophical foundations of freedom and identity before addressing sexual morality.

Together they offer us prudent ways for subverting the cultural narrative and for helping lead those in darkness toward the marvelous light of Christ. We may not finally be persuasive, but we can be confidently faithful as we speak into the cultural conversation.