With great power comes great responsibility. But along with that responsibility come temptations—temptations to avoid admitting your mistakes, to use others for your own ends, or to operate out of a sense of entitlement. TGC Council members Russell Moore and Vermon Pierre and TGC editor Sam Allberry sat down to talk about how to be alert to the temptations that come with power.

Allberry points out that it’s a red flag when someone in ministry starts thinking, The ministry exists for me rather than, I exist to serve others. Pierre concurs; it’s vital to remember that “the power that we get is meant to be used in service of others.” Moore recommends maintaining an eternal perspective rather than a short-sighted, self-protective attitude toward ministry. All three recommend taking steps to guard against temptation, such as regularly confessing sin and maintaining friendships with other believers who can hold you accountable.