What Gospel Parenting Looks Like

All parents have a duty to teach their children how to be law-abiding, contributing members of society. But shouldn’t Christian parents seek more than simply training their children to obey the law? We want to give our children a hatred of sin and a love for the gospel of grace—which feels especially daunting when we see parenting bring out our own sin. Paul Tripp sat down with Courtney Reissig and Brian Davis to talk about how to model the gospel for your children.

“The very things I struggled with before I was a parent are the things I struggle with now as a parent,” Reissig admits. “I live for the glory of myself. I live for what the mom on the playground is thinking, comparing myself to others instead of the standard of God’s Word and what Christ has accomplished on my behalf.”

Listen to three forgiven sinners—two of whom still have small children at home—discuss how to live out your life before your children with gospel hope.

You can watch a video of their discussion or listen to the episode here.