“In the middle of our relentless digging into God’s Word together, we absolutely do need to stop regularly and talk about gender-related issues. We need to understand and be able to articulate clearly what we believe about these things and why, according to God’s Word—not as a system of rules that we ascribe to, not as a grid through which we see everything else, but as a fundamental affirmation of God’s goodness to the human beings he created. As the culture around us changes rapidly—so rapidly, in fact, it’s hard to keep track of—we believers have a huge opportunity not only to teach well the young ones growing up among us, but also to bear witness before a world that desperately needs to know the goodness of our Redeemer. And that goodness shines forth powerfully from his good creation of his image-bearers as male and female.” — Kathleen Nielson

Date: June 15, 2018

Event: TGC 2019 National Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Editors’ note: 

Hear Kathleen Nielson speak on the finished work of Christ and on learning to teach Proverbs at our 2020 Women’s Conference, June 11 to 13 in Indianapolis.