“By an unleashing of generosity,” Michael Oh believes, “we can double the number of missionaries in the world to effectively target 6,600 unreached peoples of the world.”

Earlier this year Oh, newly appointed executive director/CEO of the Lausanne Movement, sat down with Mark Mellinger to discuss “the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world.” Such world evangelization will not happen, however, without a fresh army of sacrificial senders. “Some of the greatest global generosity comes from the poor,” Oh explains. We in the middle-class West need to catch up.

Additionally, Christians must be more strategic in how we allocate resources. Even in current missions giving, he admits, “only five cents of every dollar is going to unreached people groups.”

Hear Oh discuss his “never say no” policy, the dog food problem, whether it’s okay to play golf, and more. After watching the video, check out his recent talk on “The Individual’s Suffering and the Salvation of the World.”