Extraordinary Grace through Ordinary Means

“[God]’s able to take the harsh realities of life in a fallen world and employ them as instruments of redemption. How’s that for grace? You only need the cross to understand that God can take the worst thing ever and make it the best thing ever. Now I think there are thousands of believers who don’t get this. There are thousands of believers who in moments of difficulty are crying out, Where is the grace of God?—and they’re getting it. But it’s not the grace of relief, and it’s not the grace of release—oh we get those in pieces, but largely that’s to come. It’s the grace of refinement, because that’s precisely the grace that they need. ” — Michael Horton

Date: October 4, 2014

Event: TGC New England Regional Conference 2014, Boston, Massachusetts

You can listen to this episode of The Gospel Coalition podcast here.