“We don’t live in a moralistic age where we need to prove people to be sinners. We live in an anxious age where we need to prove to people they’re worth something.” – Sam Allberry

Brett McCracken, Sam Allberry, and Trevin Wax discuss how Christians should gracefully and biblically engage our current sexual culture, specifically with the rapid progression of LGBT+ and transgender identities.

Allberry encourages Christians not to shy away from what the Bible says about sexuality while also not having a godless and aggressive reaction to those with a differing worldview. McCracken reminds us of the call to self-denial and how living as a disciple of Jesus requires us to follow the heart of God, not our own heart. Wax challenges us to believe in the power of the gospel, God’s truth about the human body, and God’s goodness. With a grace-filled and gospel-centered approach to discussing sexuality in a post-Christian culture, those who struggle with their sexuality will see the way of repentance and can find their true identity in Jesus.