In the second episode of our biblical counseling series on TGC Q&A, Andrew Dealy answers the question, “How do I overcome anxiety and depression?” He addresses:

  • Fighting guilt and finding resilience (0:37)
  • The natural response to a fallen and broken world (1:22)
  • Lessons from Matthew 6:25–34 and Philippians 4:4–9 (1:56)
  • Learning not to be ruled by our emotions (3:09)
  • Jesus fighting anxiety in the Garden (5:15)
  • A great hope to overcome anxiety (7:22)
  • Deciphering the factors that feed anxiety (8:10)
  • Finding purpose in our struggle (13:55)
  • Medication as a personal help (14:28)
  • Expected pain and suffering in the Christian life (15:27)
  • Being honest about our pain (16:47)
  • No promise of answers to all of our questions (17:32)
  • Self-forgetfulness instead of an inward focus (18:00)
  • Practical tools for overcoming anxiety and depression (19:03)
  • An invitation to carry our struggles to God (19:56)

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