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This episode of TGC Q&A’s Christians and Healthcare series is sponsored by Remodel Health. Remodel Health is the health benefits software and consulting that helps employers save money and care better for their team. To learn how you can save an average of 35 percent on health benefits, visit remodelhealth.com/tgc.

In the second episode of TGC Q&A’s Christians and Healthcare series, John Dunlop answers the question, “How do I care for those with dementia?” He addresses:

  • What is the hardest part about the effects of dementia? (0:45)
  • Challenges and hope for those who face dementia and their loved ones (1:19)
  • God’s purposes in dementia (3:39)
  • How do we differentiate between worsening dementia and the effects of polypharmacy? (6:33)
  • How can believers have a biblical perspective on modern medicine? (9:28)
  • “God heals; the physician collects the fee.” (12:35)
  • How does someone “finish their race” well, with dignity, and to the glory of God? (14:14)

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