In this first episode of Let’s Talk, a brand-new podcast for women from The Gospel Coalition podcast network, hosts Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, and Jasmine Holmes tell their own stories of coming to faith in Christ. Each woman comes from a very different background, but all three recognize that the grace of God led them to repentance and faith. They branch out from their own stories to talk more generally about how we should think about, pray about, and go about sharing our faith with those who don’t know Christ.

Our hosts discuss:

  • An introduction to the podcast and our hosts (1:07)
  • Melissa’s story of coming to faith (3:41)
  • Jasmine’s story of coming to faith (5:14)
  • Jackie’s story of coming to faith (7:22)
  • The cumulative effect of sharing the gospel over time (8:44)
  • Sharing the gospel with people who’ve grown up in Christian home (9:56)
  • Growing in our ability to share our faith with different types of people (14:20)
  • A recipe for gospel presentation (20:13)
  • Moving easily into conversations about the gospel (24:33)
  • Takeaways for everyday application (30:59)
  • One of their favorite things (32:43)

Over the next nine weeks, Jackie, Melissa, and Jasmine will be doing a lot of talking as they seek to apply biblical wisdom to everyday life. On each episode they’ll discuss a topic like fighting sin, overcoming church hurt, making decisions, and acting in a godly way on social media. We hope you’ll subscribe today so that you can join them each week!

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