Most people either hate conflict or (secretly) love it. Both can cause problems, and conflict avoidance isn’t always the most godly path.

On this episode of Let’s Talk, Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, and Jasmine Holmes discuss their own relationships with conflict. While none of them is naturally confrontational, Melissa points out that Jesus had a lot of conflict. Jackie says that she used to avoid conflict at all costs before she realized, “there is a beauty and an obligation, for the sake of love, to engage in certain conflicts.” 

Conflicts can reveal attitudes in our hearts that we aren’t aware of. It was through conflict that Jackie realized her love for God was integrally connected to how she loves her neighbor: “How I was loving people I was in conflict with revealed a lot about my heart for Jesus. I don’t have the freedom, or the authority, or the right not to love you.”

Listen to this discussion with an open mind, and let the Holy Spirit reveal and sanctify your attitude toward conflict.

Editors’ note: 

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