When I worked at Christianity Today magazine, it seemed that readers only wanted to speak with one former editor: Philip Yancey. His writing resonated with readers in uncommonly powerful ways. They poured out their souls while sharing how much his books and columns meant to them.

You’ll see why they felt that way when you read his latest book Where the Light Fell: A Memoir, the culmination of more than 50 years for Yancey as a Christian writer. You’ll see a clear display of his two life themes—suffering and grace—which characterize all his books.

Where the Light Fell is remarkably honest—I’d say even painfully so at times. And that’s no accident, as Yancey draws inspiration from God’s Word. He writes, “I know of no more real or honest book than the Bible, which hides none of its characters’ flaws.”

Yancey joined me on Gospelbound to discuss the hinge moment of his life, the scar of his father, the reconstruction of his faith, and more.