In this episode of As In Heaven, hosts Jim Davis and Michael Aitcheson welcome Irwyn Ince to discuss biblical strategies for effecting lasting change on both individual and church levels when it comes to race and justice. Ince offers ways to strive toward gospel-centered unity and diversity, which he argues goes all the way back to the Trinity. Ince shares practical insights for churches who want to grow in their impact on their communities. The three address:

  • An introduction to Irwyn Ince (1:45)
  • Unity, diversity, reconciliation, and the Trinity (4:36)
  • Unity is not conformity (7:33)
  • How to help develop unity (10:48)
  • A scriptural approach (14:56)
  • Coaching those who want to help (19:08)
  • How to talk about events capturing the nation’s attention (26:22)
  • Navigating language (38:56)
  • Taking substantive, long-lasting action (44:00)
  • Engaging as a family (49:45)
  • Engaging as a church (54:44)
  • Roadblocks for the church (1:00:58)
  • Engaging in the community (1:06:40)
  • Encouragement for churches that want to impact their communities (1:11:16)

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  1. How does the diverse unity of the Trinity affect our view of the imago Dei? How does this manifest itself in the pursuit of community?
  2. If there are concerns about the way the church is living out God’s vision for a diverse-unified community, how should a Christian respond? What qualities should define this sort of engagement with church leadership?
  3. What is the Bible’s vision of justice? How does that play out in a social context? How then can we understand and use a term like “social justice”?
  4. Do you think your church manifests the diverse unity that Ince talks about? What steps can you take in your church to pursue the Bible’s vision of diverse unity? How does this look at a leadership level? A personal level?