Why Plant a Multicultural Church?

Why Plant a Multicultural Church?

Tony Merida talks with One Mokgatle about planting multicultural churches.

Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

Multiculturalism is a hot topic in our modern world.

Regardless of your view on the issue, our world is becoming increasingly marked by multiculturalism. People are leaving their home cultures and moving to new ones for all kinds of reasons.

You might expect this to result in good cultural integration, but sadly—in many cases at least—the opposite is true.

As globalization rapidly increases, cultures clash, and the virtue of multiculturalism can seem anything but virtuous. But this shouldn’t surprise us. The world hopes to see integration happen in communities held in the grip of sin, but its efforts are in vain.

True diversity cannot—and will not—spring from a culture that promotes individualism. Any multicultural efforts the world makes will always be left wanting.

But not so in the church. In the church, we can and should see true multicultural community. Diverse people really can come together. Multiple cultures truly can flourish. This is what the gospel does. The blood of Jesus purchased a diverse people from every inch of the globe. God’s heart beats for this goal.

King Jesus will have nothing less than the worship of every tribe, tongue and nation. This is why we plant churches.

So today, I’m excited to have my friend One Mokgatle with us. One is an experienced church planter who grew up in South Africa. He has planted and now leads a multicultural church in Pretoria, South Africa. We’ll be learning from this brother’s experiences on the podcast today.

You can listen to this podcast episode here.