Church Planting in a Politically Divided Age

Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

We live in a divided age. Partisan politics has gripped many nations—including the United States—and, sadly, many of our churches. Modern-day American Christians are becoming increasingly split along party lines.

And in a split-party system, it can be difficult to make biblically informed decisions about how to vote. Even more challenging is the call to love those who vote differently than we do. How does the church remain united even when—especially when—we disagree over decisions regarding the ballot?

While the current political landscape is certainly complex, we must not despair. There is hope for the church in a politically divided age. If the gospel is powerful enough to unite Jew and Gentile, it’s powerful enough to do the same for Republican and Democrat.

So how do we plant and lead churches in a politically charged age? Today, I’m delighted to welcome Bill Riedel to the podcast to talk about this issue.

You can listen to this podcast episode here.