Acts 29: Churches Planting Churches

There are no easy answers when it comes to how we should help the poor. Just look at how nonprofits and government organizations abound in poor communities across the world. Many of these groups do good work, and we should thank God for his common grace where we see it helping to alleviate unjust suffering. 

But as Christians, we know that people’s deepest needs transcend what can be seen. As John Piper has aptly said, “Christians care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering.” Therefore, we must prioritize gospel proclamation in poor communities. And ongoing gospel proclamation happens best through local churches. 

Sadly, many poor communities lack healthy local churches where this kind of gospel proclamation can happen. Thus, we need to focus on planting and sustaining healthy churches in poor communities all over the world. 

This is no easy task. It will be costly. We’ll need God’s mighty grace to sustain us every step of the way. Thankfully, that’s the kind of grace he delights to give. 

So to talk with us about planting and sustaining healthy churches in poor communities, I’m excited to have Tyler St. Clair with me on the podcast today. 

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