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TGC International Outreach Needs Your Packing Hope Story!

Theological famine relief is a joyful collaboration. We rely on you to partner with us by distributing our resources all over the world, in your fields of global mission.

Would you be willing to provide us with a brief report of how church leaders responded?

This could include their initial reactions, how these resources are impacting their lives, both personally and in their ministries, along with ways they are sharing or have shared them. (Not only their initial reactions, but also any comments about the importance of this resource to their lives and ministries, and ways they intend to use/share it.) Your story is a powerful example of how God is using these books in the lives of others. Many of these stories even get posted  at (we will ask your permission, of course!)—you can read some of the more recent stories here.

Here are some wonderful examples of our stories. They come from you, those who have Packed Hope

Unholy Fires Fuel Burning for Gospel in Niger
Grace Growing at the City Dump
Feeding Congo’s Hungry Pastors
Combating Worldwide Biblical Illiteracy

Photos which work best for IO Stories:

1) Candid (not posed) shots of an individual recipient (e.g., pastor or church leader) with the book—reacting to receiving it, perusing it, studying it, taking it with him, etc.  
2) Candid shots of 2-3 recipients engaged with the book—discussing, reading, sharing, teaching, etc.
3) Photos showing the broader setting or cultural context where the recipients are located—capturing the situation within which they live and minister.
4) Send all photos in jpeg file format if possible. 

Here are a few examples of photos that capture Packing Hope:



But most importantly, you are the best link to your mission field and the stories of how the gospel is changing lives through pastors and church leaders who have received resources from TGC IO.

Please use this online form to submit your story along with any photos or videos you may have.