Share Gospel-Centered Resources with Believers and Churches around the Globe

At TGC, we provide resources like The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness to help people find their identity in Christ. Our world is in an identity crisis, with so many looking to their own performance or preference for meaning, which ultimately leaves them dissatisfied and disappointed.

In our post-Christendom world, which has less and less context for basic Christian beliefs, people are searching for meaning. The deepest longings of every heart are significance, acceptance, and hope.

Since 2005, TGC has pointed millions to the good news of the gospel, directing them to the Creator who made them and loves them. As more of our world rejects biblical faith, it’s important to equip the next generation for effective evangelism and apologetics.

This is why TGC is thrilled to launch The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics, which aims to train a new generation of parents, pastors, and professors to share the gospel in the modern world. Building on Tim Keller’s example, the center will offer online learning cohorts led by some of today’s most thoughtful and promising Christian leaders, writers, and thinkers.

Types of audiences who will benefit from these resources might include:

  • Pastors seeking help applying gospel truth to complex cultural issues
  • Seminary students preparing for ministry in post-Christian contexts
  • Youth leaders and parents walking with young people through doubt and deconstruction
  • Teenagers worried about friends losing faith because of exvangelical influencers on TikTok and other social media
  • Christians seeking thoughtful answers and effective evangelistic strategies as they engage secular neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family

To succeed in this new initiative, we rely on support from believers like you. We want thousands more to receive encouragement and guidance in our identity-confused age, so will you consider donating to TGC?

Will you consider donating to The Keller Center, so we can continue to engage our world with the life-giving message of the gospel?

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