Teaching Pastor

at First Baptist Boynton Beach

To Be Determined USD

Job Overview

The Teaching Pastor (TP) of First Baptist Church of Boynton Beach will shepherd, teach and lead the church as one of the elders in the following ways: spiritual leader, elder, communicator and administrator.


Job Description

*Job description to be confirmed by congregation during process of pastoral calling. 


  1. The TP is responsible for preaching and teaching the Word of God in regular and special meetings of the church.
  2. The TP is to be an example in evangelism and discipleship by demonstrating consistent efforts in these areas.
  3. The TP is to be an example in personal spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading and prayer.
  4. The TP will have availability to triage spiritual, marital, and other aspects of counseling and assign to other qualified members of the staff and church.


  1. The TP and the Council of Elders (CoE) will be mutually responsible for establishing, communicating, and directing the vision of the church.
  2. The TP and the CoE will be mutually responsible for helping one another grow in the ministry of the Word and Prayer.
  3. The TP and the Chairman of the CoE are responsible for setting the agenda, conducting, and assigning actions steps agreed to by the CoE.
  4. The TP and the Council of Elders (CoE) will be mutually responsible for praying for, discovering, and training future elders.
  5. The TP will participate with the CoE in evaluating both weekly and special activities of the church to ensure conformity to the stated goals and vision of the church.


  1. The TP will be the primary preacher on Sunday morning, preaching approximately 40 weeks and max of 42 weeks per year.
  2. In collaboration with the COE, prayerfully prepare an annual expository preaching calendar, including in-house and guest preachers.
  3. The TP will be available to participate in midweek teaching responsibilities. 


  1. The TP will be responsible to lead staff in the execution of the vision and direction of the COE. 
  2. The TP is responsible to meet weekly with the vocational pastors and staff to encourage, pray, and provide direction in their roles.
  3. The TP meets weekly with the pastoral staff to evaluate activities including, but not limited to, services, guest engagement, facilities, Bible study, Small Groups, etc. From these evaluations, action steps are assigned.
  4. The TP will ensure regular communication between the COE and church staff.


  1. Maintain God ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third and the ministry fourth.
  2. Give joyfully of your income to the ministries of FBCBB.
  3. Be loyal to the vision and elders of FBCBB and always protect the unity of the church.


  1. Masters of Divinity from a qualified and doctrinally aligned Seminary
  2. Proven leadership experience in the local church.


How To Apply

To apply, send a cover letter, resume and preaching samples or links to: [email protected]

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