Campus Pastor

at Rock Hill Community Church

United States
51-74k USD

Job Overview

We are looking for someone to help Rock Hill Community Church launch our third campus in Superior, WI (the other 2 are in Duluth, MN right across the bridge).  We own a building right next to the University of Wisconsin Superior (UWS) and have an interested group of people ready to get going.  We are looking for someone who is a strong communicator that wants to preach and lead, but who wants to do so with the resources, coaching, and structure of an existing missional church that is 15 years old with a strong history of church planting, and two existing campuses.

Job Description

Job Duties

  • Partner with the Lead Pastor and Chester Park Campus Pastor to strategically lead the Rock Hill Superior Campus by implementing Rock Hill’s vision in this third location.
  • Be the primary communicator/preacher on Sundays at the Rock Hill Superior and part of the RH Preaching Team.
  • Champion the vision and direction of Rock Hill by pastoring people, supporting volunteers, and one day overseeing future staff at Rock Hill Superior.
  • Ensure that our connection and discipleship processes are effectively implemented at Rock Hill Superior. This includes connecting people to City Groups, serving opportunities, training opportunities and other ministry.
  • Provide and coordinate pastoral care to the congregation of Rock Hill Superior. This includes general pastoral duties such as: preaching, teaching, communion, weddings, funerals, care, baptisms, pre-marriage counseling, etc.
  • Ensure the implementation of Rock Hill’s missional and sending strategies for RH Superior.
  • Take on and oversee one RH Central role as we seek to be interdependent churches.


Who do I report to?

You will report to the Lead Pastor of Rock Hill. 


Who Reports to me?

As you are leading the ministry at the Superior Campus, the volunteers, staff, worship team, and other ministry teams at that campus will report to you.


Who do I work alongside?

  • You will serve on Rock Hill’s Pastoral Team and Elder Team.
  • You will work alongside other godly pastors so as to not feel the isolation often caused by planting.
  • You will be expected to be an active participant in our local and global networks.
  • You will be invited to participate in Rock Hill’s ongoing leadership development, as both a student and teacher.
  • You will work alongside the RH Youth Director- The RH Superior Campus currently serves as a youth center with an after-school program 3 days a week, and where our youth ministry meets on Sunday/ Wednesday nights for youth group.


What is the Salary?  The salary range is $50-60k a year depending on experience, gifting, and qualifications.


What are the Hours?  This is a full-time position with the expectation of 45-55 hours per week. 


Requirements for the position are:

A passion for leading people to grow in Christ, meeting the character requirements for an elder outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, a love for the church and alignment to our unique vision/mission, an established preaching gift, some pastoral or ministry experience, ability to effectively lead teams, strong interpersonal skills, effectiveness in executing strategy and implementing vision, ability to foster unity, and the capacity to equip, empower, and disciple volunteers to serve Christ. The Campus pastor must have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, an active prayer life, and a servant’s heart.  Vocational, educational and/or at least five years of related experience is preferred but not required.


Rock Hill Basics- Our  Vision, Mission, and Values as a Church

We exist to multiply gospel-centered disciples, small groups, and local churches that bless the city, the region, and the world.  We do this by Declaring, Displaying, and Delighting in the GOSPEL of Jesus through a Redeemed COMMUNITY of SENT people.

       A Gospel-Centered Disciple is one whose life embodies these 6 Core Identities.

Worshipers– Our goal is for every disciple of Jesus to intentionally and joyfully worship God in every area of their life.  We desire to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength in every area of life.  There is a vibrant personal intimacy with the Lord that impacts all of life.  We no longer think in terms of sacred and secular but live wholly integrated lives of worship.

Family– Our goal is for every disciple of Jesus to live in authentic Biblical community that feels like family.  Our shared life together and love for one another as the family of God should demand a gospel explanation. We are actively trying to live out the 30 one another commands of the New Testament in a local church community, not just applying them to the church universal.

Servants– Our goal is for every disciple of Jesus to embrace servanthood as a way of life.Jesus came not to be served, but to serve, showing us the way to truly live.  This means that we now view all of our lives through the lens of a steward rather than an owner (Time, Talent, Treasure).  We are not our own, but have been bought with a price, therefore my life is now defined by serving God and others.

Witnesses– Our goal is for every disciple of Jesus to share the good news in word and deed. We are to declare with our words and demonstrate through acts of love and mercy the Gospel of Jesus.  We joyfully embrace the task that God has given us to make Jesus known to those in our lives.

Prayers- Our goal is for prayer to be central to the spiritual life of every disciple of Jesus. This means a commitment to pray for our church, our leaders, and those in our lives who do not know Jesus Christ with urgency and expectancy.

Learners- Our goal is for every disciple of Jesus to embrace a life of continual growth and learning. Christians should never stop learning and growing.  We will spend the rest of our life becoming who we are in Christ through resting in the gospel and striving toward godliness.  Our lives are characterized by humble confidence as we seek to continually become who we are in Christ.

We currently have 2 campuses (Lincoln Park and Chester Park) in Duluth, MN.  There is a very real possibility that we may have a 4th/downtown campus soon.

Feel free to find out more about Rock Hill at http://rockhillcc.org

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