Ministry Leader – Jr. High

at Temple Bible Church

United States
51-74k USD

Job Overview

The Ministry Leader for Junior High will be part of our Pastoral Leadership team with the primary responsibility of shepherding and coordinating the staff and volunteers that minister to our Junior High students and their parents. This involves the full spectrum of providing an excellent ministry environment that introduces those who come to the love of Jesus Christ and his redeeming plan. It is our hope that those that encounter this ministry would have their affections turned toward Jesus and His great love and that those affections would grow into a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus and his Church.

Our Ministry Leader will be responsible for maintaining and building upon our current Sunday morning ministry for Jr. High Students.  This takes place during our 11:00 a.m. service in our dedicated youth facility. Additionally they will lead and implement ministry environments beyond Sunday mornings including Wednesday evening gatherings and break out groups, local outreach ministries and service to the Church.


The Ideal Candidate:

  • Loves Students and ministering to them and their parents;
  • is able to lead and recruit- cultivate team health;
  • is able to teach and communicate- (especially to the demographic of the ministry);
    understands how children learn across age groups;
  • is able to communicate across the spectrum of the culture;
  • is able to work on a Leadership Team; demonstrated involvement in the work of the Church  and in the community;
  • is in agreement with the doctrine, vision and values of TBC;
  • can articulate a plan for their ministry and how they hope to accomplish it;
  • is able to work with other Ministry Leaders to implement ministry to families; and
  • has a demonstrated ability and dedication to understand scripture and endeavor to live in accordance with them.

Job Description

 Typical Duties for our Ministry Leader Include: 

  • pray regularly for students and their families
  • establish a program that engages a growing number of junior high students weekly from TBC and
    surrounding community
  • encourage and assist parents as they disciple their children
  • establish, plan and promote weekly programming and events in such a way that the targeted number of
    youth participated
  • establish a plan for JH ministry team to regularly reach out to inactive students
  • establish a plan for JH ministry team to regularly contact active youth at least quarterly
  • establish a plan for Junior High Pastor and other ministry team members to build relationships with
    students by spending time with them outside of church environments
  • meet regularly with college interns for encouragement and shepherding
  • meet regularly with adult volunteers for encouragement and shepherding
  • be a student of current youth culture, trends, issues


Program Description

  • recruit youth ministry leaders no later than 1 month before they are to begin serving
  • ensure weekly youth ministry leaders have completed an application, cleared a background check,
    completed awareness training through Ministry Safe before serving on the team
  • oversee planning and executing Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for JH
  • assist with planning and executing Impact training, Impact camp and Impact clubs
  • oversee planning and executing mission opportunities for junior high students
  • ensure website, online calendar, database, event registration are regularly maintained and updated
  • communication with parents has taken place, both written and in person, leaving the avenues of
    communication open for concerns and suggestions
  • exceptional and personal follow-up to all first-time visitors has happened within a week of their visit
  • problems in the youth ministry have been handled in a way that honors the concerns of those who
    brought them and offered timely, creative solutions to problems in the youth ministry
  • Sunday and Wednesday environments have been led in such a way that volunteers and interns are
    highly involved and share responsibility for that part of the ministry
  • the youth pastor has been informed or sought out any special victories, concerns, challenges,
    hospitalizations being faced by the youth and his or her family and as often as reasonable, passed that
    information on to the youth leaders for follow up
  • an annual youth ministry budget has been created, submitted, and adhered to
  • meet weekly with youth ministry team for planning and strategy
  • attend and be engaged in weekly pastoral staff meetings
  • contribute and assist with various church-wide events as needed


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How To Apply

Please send your resume’ and cover letter via email to [email protected] and [email protected]


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