Major Gifts Officer

at Crossworld

United States
0-29k USD

Job Overview


 This position reports to Crossworld’s VP of Advancement who also oversees the marketing, communications and mobilization efforts of Crossworld. The position of Major Gifts Officer is supported in his or her fund-raising efforts by a full-time Donor Relations Manager and a part-time Administrative Assistant. Fund-raising efforts, with strong participation by Crossworld’s President, Dale Losch, and key board members and executives are directed through this position.

This position is hired as an employee of Crossworld and while the financial compensation is modest as in many faith-based organizations, the work is extremely meaningful and rewarding. A candidate may come to this position with existing support (if they come from a faith-based ministry) or from a salaried position. Depending on their situation, this position may be fully salaried, or a combination of salary and donated support.


 The Major Gifts Officer coordinates and executes major gifts fundraising efforts within Crossworld. Crossworld defines major gifts as greater than $2,000 per year, per individual. Working closely with Crossworld’s President, the Vice President of Advancement, and the Donor Relations Manager, the Major Gifts Officer creates and directs an over-arching major gifts development plan to help fund Crossworld’s dream of “Disciple-makers from all Professions.”


 This position is based at Crossworld’s Kansas City campus and requires some domestic and international travel. A remote/telecommuting role will be considered. The employee must be able to function efficiently working from a private office on campus and in various settings off-campus.

Religious requirements: As a church organization that exists for religious purposes, Crossworld requires that all employees profess faith in Jesus Christ; be supportive of the Crossworld doctrinal statement; be an active member of an evangelical Christian church; be willing to participate in events, including Christian services, held or sponsored by Crossworld; be willing to share their personal testimony; refrain from committing any act which detracts from the Christian testimony and ministry of Crossworld and fulfill other ministry functions and requirements that may be requested by Crossworld.

Crossworld holds to biblical standards concerning sexual conduct.  We believe the Bible teaches that marriage is to be a lifelong union between one man and one woman, and that the sexual relationship is to be enjoyed uniquely within the context of marriage (Gen. 1:26-27; Ex. 20:14; 1 Cor. 6:18 – 7:4; Gen. 18:20; Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:26-27). Because of our understanding of the biblical teaching on this matter, Crossworld does not employ or retain for employment individuals engaged in sexual conduct outside of the bounds of a heterosexual marriage relationship.


  • Serve as a key player within the leadership of Crossworld.
  • Lead the development of major gift fundraising
  • Involvement in the development of measurable ways to share the story of ministry impact and global response to our
  • Develop and implement strategies to identify, cultivate, and solicit major donors including individuals, partners, and
  • Help define the process of donor recruitment and
  • Broaden donor network at every level through the use of innovative technology and commitment to evolving relationship management
  • Work with the Board to motivate high potential donors to move from occasional or mid-level gifts to major
  • Nurture relationships with existing donors in order to maintain and grow support for
  • Oversee the development of major gift fundraising forecasts and goals and facilitate regular review of progress towards those goals.
  • Oversee the planning and successful execution of fundraising events.


  • This is a full-time position and works in a tight-knit small team manner reporting to Crossworld’s VP of Advancement. The Major Gifts Officer, while reporting directly to Crossworld’s VP of Advancement, will also engage with the President, particularly as it relates to major donor work.
  • Lead as a spiritually mature teammate worthy of followership with humility, flexibility, creativity and analytical management skills.
  • Mentor, motivate and model best practices providing vision, leadership, and accountability for the Development team.
  • Take the initiative to share the vision and successes of the ministry in ways that motivate others to act on behalf of the ministry—communicate persuasively with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Keep Crossworld leadership advised of results, both negative and positive, regarding donations and trending of
  • Work with the VP of Advancement and Development team members to develop presentations, proposals, and donor education materials.


  • An extensive familiarity with fundraising at various depths.
  • Consultative sales concepts and
  • Technology related to fundraising (CRM’s) and web-based communication. Knowledge of Donor Direct and Sitestacker a plus.
  • Knowledge of current social media environment and methods useful to leverage relevant internal technology to acquire new customers, donors or partners.
  • Planned giving tools and
  • Experience managing a major gifts portfolio a plus.
  • Knowledge of current trends in professional financial services for high net-worth individuals or families. Knowledge of charitable giving trends, particularly in the areas of capital campaigns, major gifts, and planned giving will be extremely beneficial.


  • High awareness of the emotions of self and others… demonstrated through effective listening, attention to non-verbal cues, tact, patience, and courtesy commonly referred to as “EQ.”
  • Personal networking passion that yields meaningful and transparent relationships.
  • Business acumen for accurate forecasting and effective resource
  • Project management leadership, support, and implementation
  • Prioritizing objectives and measuring the effectiveness of fundraising efforts.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Identifying and convening key target audiences for the fundraising task.
  • Success in the marketplace or in ministry closing significant gifts.
  • Communicating effectively both orally and in writing.


  • Able to articulate the Gospel and the ministry of Crossworld with clarity and enthusiasm.
  • Able to effectively interface with high-net worth individuals, foundations, and business
  • Able to effectively paint a vision that will inspire
  • Able to work independently, remain self-motivated and on task because of a strong work ethic.
  • Able to present compelling messages to small and large True platform “gravitas.”
  • Able to establish rapport and maintain respect with leaders and members of all Christian denominations, focusing on issues that unite rather than those that divide.
  • Able to communicate a “shepherd’s heart” for the people God puts in their paths, through spiritual maturity and prayer.
  • Able to humbly keep ego in check and assist others in collaborative teamwork.
  • Courageous creativity that builds on past success and imagines new markets, methods, and messages.


Qualifications and Expectations

  • A passion for the cause.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications or a related field; Master’s degree would be preferred but not required.
  • Sales/marketing or fundraising success as a significant individual producer with the demonstrated ability to set objectives and manage performance to successful
  • 5+ years’ experience in fundraising or sales related work with proven successes preferred.
  • Availability for travel up to 20% of work time.
  • Successful experience in managing a portfolio of investors/funding sources/major gift donors with a specific emphasis on prospecting, networking, and relationship development that results in a committed investment partnership.


The Vice President of Advancement will actively participate in quarterly checkpoint reviews and an annual evaluation.

Job Description

  • Lead major gifts fundraising efforts on behalf of Crossworld.
    • Develop and execute the major gifts fundraising program, engaging the President and senior leadership as appropriate.
      • Develop, update and guide a comprehensive major gifts fundraising plan that focuses on Major Donor relationship development, leveraging Crossworld and subsidiary leaders as well as personal engagement to maximize and grow funding over time.
        • Selecting major gifts prospects for cultivation
        • Building relationships with prospective major donors
        • Soliciting donations from major gift donors
        • Engaging with relevant foundations, growing funding from foundations over time
        • Growing the donor base to Crossworld’s General Fund and Global Advance Fund
        • Expanding awareness, engagement, and participation across Crossworld’s board for resourcing our Dream
        • Assisting in the design of a donor stewardship program
        • Assist in the development of legacy / planned giving effort that follows best practices in the industry
      • Coordinate the creation and execution of all major gifts-related publications with the Donor Relations Manager and Communications Department.
        • Website / social media
        • Case statement
        • Newsletters
        • Marketing materials
        • Other messaging tools
      • Develop strong understanding and utilization of Crossworld’s technology for capturing, tracking, and measuring strategic contacts.
      • Track and report on the Major Gifts progress towards funding goals.
      • Event planning and coordination per the Advancement strategic plan. With the assistance of Shared Services, coordinate, oversee and execute administrative tasks associated with all aspects of Major Gifts.
    • Other organizational roles and responsibilities.
      • Participate in daily staff prayer times for our international staff. Lead this prayer time occasionally.
      • Participate in weekly staff meeting. Lead this meeting as requested.
      • Engage in special projects as assigned.

How To Apply

Please send resume to [email protected]


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