Interim Pastor

at Hillsboro First Baptist Church

United States
51-74k USD

Job Overview

Purpose: The Interim Pastor will work with the Board and the church staff to provide opportunities for members to engage in worship, discipleship and mission. He will use his developed interim-specialist skills to assess the congregation’s current and long-term needs and provide inspiring counsel and leadership to help the church identify what it is called to be in the future. The Interim Pastor will support the congregation so that it can continue to identify its mission and purpose as the body of Christ during the time between installed ministers. He will help prepare the congregation for new pastoral leadership.

Job Description


  1. To provide outstanding preaching and teaching ministry to a church in transition
  2. Perform administrative duties; work with the Board, other church staff, and volunteers guided by their job descriptions
  3. To assist in congregation communication through weekly written communications and through personal contact
  4. To attend and support church functions
  5. To assist the congregation in the interim tasks of:
    1. leading the church to a renewed vision for their future
    2. providing for smooth transition of congregational leadership
    3. preparing for the welcoming of the new pastor
    4. administering communion and baptisms and to officiate at weddings and funerals of members upon request
  6. To provide pastoral services for those in crisis situations, visiting church members, counseling as needed

How To Apply

Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume to:

Fred S. Johnson, Search Committee Member

Hillsboro First Baptist Church

1094 SE 35th Avenue

Hillsboro, Oregon  97123

Email: [email protected]

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