Church Planting Pastor

at First Street Bible Church

United States
To Be Determined USD

Job Overview

Goal: Planting like-minded, Gospel-centered churches out of First Street Bible Church

First Street Bible Church began as an independent Bible Church in 2010 as a church
re-vitalization and has since slowly but steadily grown to a body a little over 300 (nearly
200 adults and well over 100 children/youth).

We are an elder-led church (currently seven men–five “lay elders,” a full-time pastor and
a part-time music/administrative pastor). We baptize (by immersion) Christ-followers
and take the Lord’s Supper together once to twice a month. We hold to the five solas of
the Reformation. We are complementarian. We are cessationists. We are not as
hard-line positionally as any “camp” might like in our eschatology. We are not
program-driven so “body life” mostly happens “organically.” Please read our doctrinal
statement to gain a fuller understanding of our core doctrines and distinctives.

The biblical concept of a church being one, united, relationally close-knit local body that
worships together every Sunday and then ministers to and with one another throughout
each week is a high priority for us, as is one-on-one discipleship and small group
relationships (the making and maturing of disciples/followers of Christ). Our
vision/mission is Colossians 1:28 “Christ we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching
everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.”

We have formal membership, built around a membership covenant in which the church
and leaders make members a number of promises and members commit to fulfill the
Scriptures commands of believers and the church. About 50-60% of those who call First
Street Bible “their church” are formal members.

As the shepherding load at First Street has continued to steadily increase and the ability
for the body to remain in one service is becoming more and more of a challenge, the
current elders sense the best thing for us to do next is to plant a new church in or
around Lincoln with some of the existing body going with the plant. If you would like to
apply for the position of Planting Pastor (who would begin as an associate with our
current body until we together sense we are ready to send and plant), please read on.

Job Description

Character: What kind of man are you (at the core)? We are looking for a man who:

  • above all else, loves the Lord with all of his heart and mind and soul and
    strength—to such a degree that it clearly influences all he is and does
  • loves people…who genuinely cares for each person God entrusts to this body
  • is being molded by God degree by degree into the likeness of His Son, Jesus
    Christ…who is growing faithfully in faith, holiness, humility (servant-hearted),
    love, wisdom, discipline, strength, courage (is “elder-qualified”)

Doctrine: What do you believe and how do you hold your beliefs? We are looking for a
man who:

  • is in agreement with our doctrinal statement and holds those doctrines with
    conviction and grace
  • believes the Gospel passionately…is gospel-centered/focused…brings it to bear
    on everything
  • loves the whole Word of God deeply…is word-centered…works hard to study,
    understand, and communicate it well
  • is teachable, seeking to be “fully trained” (in formal schooling/program or
    organically within the community)

Ministering: How has God gifted you for service? We are looking for a man with:

1. pastoral gifting (the spiritual care of people…disciple-maker) who:

  • builds relationships with people and begins to know and care for them spiritually
  • avails himself to counsel people through their difficult situations/seasons
  • walks with people from birth to death and all that happens in-between

2. preaching and teaching gifting who:

  • will carry the primary ministry of expository preaching in the plant (but will begin
  • at First Street Bible as a way for the body to get to know and trust and appreciate
    the man with whom they will go out to plant)
  • is Word-centered…Gospel-soaked…passionate in content and delivery
  • “speaks the truth in love” and is “full of grace and truth”

3. administrative gifting who:

  • will step in and assume a growing administrative load, especially as it relates to
  • is a leader, organized, visionary, a planner, a strategic thinker, very team-oriented
  • assesses, recruits, equips, encourages and engages members/volunteers as
    needed for ministry
  • communicates well with everyone in all facets of ministry

4. a heart for the lost/evangelism who:

  • seeks to actively share Christ/the Gospel with people (in personal life and in
  • encourages and equips other believers to share the Gospel

5. a man able to wisely juggle/balance all four aspects above…who:

  • works hard at each aspect and balances them all fittingly each week
  • but also rests, trusting God to do the work
  • and who invests in his family

6. a man who is committed:

  • to each of the shepherding duties described in Scripture (& in our qualifications)
  • to each of our church’s covenant commitments the leaders make to the members
  • pastoring and leading by plurality and equality on the elder council (and in other
    facets of leadership)

How To Apply

If you feel your heart and giftings align with FSBC’s desire to plant local churches and
you would like to apply for the open position of Church Planting Pastor at FSBC in
Lincoln, NE please submit your resume and cover letter to Robb Rexilius at
[email protected].

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