(Khmer) Preaching Philippians

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About This Resource

Preaching Philippians is one of our Pray-Prepare-Preach (PPP) booklets. PPP is a series of guides to help Bible teachers world wide explain God’s Word clearly and accurately. This particular booklet gives you 20 talk outlines covering Paul’s letter to Philippi. In addition to the outlines, this book has five studies specifically designed to familiarise you with the key tools when preparing a talk. This book is a simple yet clear guide that will help you get to the heart of Philippians.

Pray-Prepare-Preach is a series of guides to help Bible teachers world wide explain God’s Word clearly and accurately. 2 Timothy 2:15 says: “Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed, one who correctly (rightly) explains the word of truth.”

This aide helps you to:

– understand the main point of Bible section
– think how it is important for your people
– teach the Bible section clearly

The Pray-Prepare-Preach (PPP) series provides basic sermon outlines covering key Bible books. These are written in very simple English. They provide:

– a study section to help the preacher understand the passage context.
– a basic talk outline, with suggestions for headings, illustrations and application.




Language Reach

After the holocaust perpetuated by the Khmer Rouge in 1975-79 there were so few Christians remaining in Cambodia that Christianity in the country essentially had to start over. Only two trained pastors remained to minister among the small number of surviving, underground Christians.

Since the 15th century, Buddhism has been the dominant religion in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge sought to eliminate all religion, as well as the educated and those who had contact with the West. The regime killed most Christians and 90 percent of the Buddhist monks. This holocaust cost nearly two million lives, leaving behind deep physical and emotional scars.

For the next 15 years Cambodia remained closed to the Gospel. In 1990 the government legalized Christianity, allowing some freedom. At that point there were only 20 known churches attended by 2,000 Christians in the entire country. With increasing freedoms, people became more open to the Good News. Today, there are an estimated 240,196 Evangelicals. Many former Khmer Rouge have become believers. But the government still bans door-to-door evangelism and distribution of tracts.

Mature leadership for the churches is the greatest challenge. The loss of so many educated people in the Khmer Rouge slaughter, combined with the dysfunctional society, pushed many new Christians quickly into leadership before they were ready. Existing pastors’ lack of training, their need to provide for themselves and the overwhelming practical needs of the faithful are huge challenges. Leadership training courses for them are becoming more available. Yet there remains a desperate need for biblically solid resources to help them shepherd and build up their fledgling congregations.

  • Population: 13,005,000 (70% under age 30)
  • Official language of 13,005,000 speakers
  • Status: Least-Reached
  • Religions: Buddhist 12,545,000 (83.3%); Christian 471,200 (3.1%); Evangelicals 240,000 (1.6%)
  • Literacy:  73.6%

*Operation World; Joshua Project

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