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About This Resource

Since 1974, HaGefen is publishing books on various matters of Christian life and focuses on three major areas: Outreach and Evangelism, Discipleship and Theology, Parents and Children.

Here is a pack of five discipleship books in Hebrew published by HaGefen Publishing in Israel that aims to support congregations in Israel in their God-given task of evangelism and discipleship by providing the young and growing Christian church in Israel with quality written resources.

Resource Titles (1 copy of each):

Knowing God by J.I. Packer
Sovereignty of God by Arthur Pink
Don’t Waste Your Cancer by John Piper
Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp
The Truth About Man by Paul Washer

Language Reach

The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, preceded by UN resolution, was proclaimed on 14 May 1948. This re-birth of Israel after 2000 years is an unprecedented phenomenon in human history. No other nation, that was exiled, dispersed, persecuted and targeted to be killed by various regimes throughout centuries, survived and was restored in its historical homeland. No less amazing was the restoration of the Hebrew language by Eliezer Ben Yehuda in the latter part of the 19th century.  Today, more than 5,000,000 Israelis consider Hebrew as their first language.

Every week in Israel some 150 books in Hebrew are published. We have the highest or second highest number of books in the world that are published per 1000 people. It is no surprise that even now we are still called the “people of the book”. Yet Christian books in Hebrew are still relatively rare. The main reason for that is the fact that the community of believers in Israel is still young and small, about 0.2-0.3% of the population. While it is certainly true that there has always been a remnant of Jewish people who believed in Jesus as their Lord and Messiah of Israel, yet the church among the Jewish people in Israel has begun to flourish mainly in the last three or so decades. The deep wounds of the Holocaust and a long history of antisemitism and persecution by the “church institute” draw the Jewish people away from Christ. However, as a result of the restoration of the nation and their language in the land, God is changing this reality and more Israelis are coming to know Christ and need a quality Christian literature in Hebrew.

Demographics for Israel
  • Official language: Hebrew
  • Population: 8,654,000 (75% – Jews, 20% – Arabs (17%- Muslims, 3% – Christian), 5% – others)
  • Jews and Jewish religion: 43% – secular, 23% – traditional, 15% – religious-traditional, 10% – religious, 9% – ultra-orthodox
  • Jewish believers in Christ – no official statistics, are not considered a minority or a religious group, about 0.2-0.3%.Bible: Old Testament, Masoretic text, taught in public schools from a Jewish perspective. A full Modern Hebrew translation of the Old Testament was published by HaGefen Publishing in 2013.
  • New Testament – two translations available in Hebrew.