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(Spanish) What Is the Gospel?

This very important book was given (free) to Argentine pastors and leaders participating in a country-wide evangelistic project by Sociedad Biblica Argentina. Project 1M aims to reach 1 million homes with the gospel.This book will help equip and inspire these leaders to accurately share and teach the gospel, not only for salvation, but for all the Christian life.


What is the gospel?
It seems like a simple question, yet it has been known to incite some heated responses, even in the church. How are we to formulate a clear, biblical understanding of the gospel? Tradition, reason, and experience all leave us ultimately disappointed. If we want answers, we must turn to the Word of God.

Greg Gilbert does so in What Is the Gospel? Beginning with Paul's systematic presentation of the gospel in Romans and moving through the sermons in Acts, Gilbert argues that the central structure of the gospel consists of four main subjects: God, man, Christ, and a response. The book carefully examines each and then explores the effects the gospel can have in individuals, churches, and the world. Both Christian and non-Christian readers will gain a clearer understanding of the gospel in this valuable resource.


Evangelical churches have experienced huge growth in Argentina in the last 30 years. Regrettably, the gospel has not been clearly expounded in all cases. Evangelism happens in the homes and through personal testimonies. But there is often an absence of the public exposition of the gospel. Not only unconverted people need to hear the gospel. Christians too, and urgently in this current church atmosphere. A man-centered focus and influence coming from psychology have affected pulpits. 

Argentina’s population exceeds 40 million. The dominant religion is Roman Catholic (92%); Evangelicals represent about 9%. Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. It ranks 23rd in the world for GDP, yet 30% of its population is below the poverty line. (The World Fact Book; Operation World)


Population: 40,665,732
Evangelicals: 9.1%
Official Language: Spanish
HDI Rank: 49

Project Details

Language: Spanish
Quantity: 3500
Project Cost: $10,000


Publicaciones Faro de Gracia is translator and non-profit publisher of this Spanish edition of What is the Gospel, as well as other important reformed literature. PFG shares a deep passion for training of pastors, edification of believers and churches, and the salvation of the nations.

Sociedad Biblica Argentina (Argentine Bible Society) SBA’s mission is to honor God through spreading His Word in the language and formats most accessible and affordable to the people. The aim is to serve all Christian churches who are engaged in the mission of evangelization. SBA is part of United Bible Societies, the biggest translator, publisher and distributor of the Bible in the world.