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(Turkish) A Concise Theology

 The Situation

In the region that is now known as Turkey, the Apostle Paul traveled throughout the land proclaiming the name of Jesus. Today, that message still needs to be proclaimed and heard by its people. Turkey has long had a deeply-rooted Islamic heritage and with a history of “Christian” dominating forces invading from Europe during the Crusades who misrepresented Christ and ever since have strained relations between the people of Turkey and Christianity, the Turkish nation as a whole is very resistant to this gospel message. To many, the idea of becoming a Christian seems to be a tyrannical one which goes against the nation, heritage, culture, and family.

There are over 73 million Muslims in Turkey who have never even heard the gospel and there remains a resistance and backlash against hearing it in the form of laws, arrests, family pressures, social exclusion, harassment, disruption of worship services, murders, and torturing. Due to the burdens placed upon them by families and friends, it can be tempting for Christians who converted from Islam to backslide back into their heritage. It is illegal for adults to proselytize anyone under 18 years old yet over 60% of the population is under the age of 28. However, there is no law against the youth witnessing to their peers and so efforts are made to utilize this legality. Despite the strongholds of the enemy which - from surface appearances - make it seem as though there is little fruit being produced, there have been successes in the form of 

internet evangelism and telephone hotlines as well as two television channels and a radio broadcast into Turkey every day, proclaiming Jesus to the people. (Operation World, CIA World Factbook, Ethnologue)


The Resource 

Theology matters! At last it can be understood easily, thanks to this “layman's language” approach to biblical belief. Authored by J. I. Packer, one of the premier theologians of Christianity, this summary of Christian teaching covers nearly 100 major Christian beliefs from a Reformed perspective. Brief, easy-to-understand chapters offer precise descriptions without sacrificing depth. Thoughtfully arranged and refreshingly readable, this is a book that belongs on the shelf of every Christian.

Project Details

Title: A Concise Theology
Author: J.I Packer 
Language: Turkish
Project Cost: $9,400
Quantity: 2,000
Format: Soft Cover

NOTE: These cases are located in the Turkey and are for shipment in-country only.


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