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(Spanish) The Priority of Preaching

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“This little book is written for ordinary ministers who preach regularly to ordinary people in ordinary places… Most of us preach in gatherings that are smaller than we would wish and tougher than we might have hoped when we entered pastoral ministry… There is a voice on our shoulders who whispers as we prepare, and then as we preach, ‘Is it really worth it?” Christopher Ash tell us that it is worth it. More than that, he sets out a charter for preaching that draws from the very roots of the Old Testament - showing us that nothing in the world is more worthwhile - for preaching is God's strategy to rebuild a broken world. Here is a great review by Alistair Begg.

Language and Situation

Worldwide, about 500 million people speak Spanish. For about 400 million, it’s their native/first language. It’s the official language of 21 countries, with most Spanish-speakers located in Latin America, which has a population of over half a billion. (Mexico is the world’s largest Spanish-speaking nation.) Spanish has at least 3 million native speakers each in 44 countries, making it the fourth mostly geographically widely spoken language behind English (112 countries), French (60) and Arabic (57). (Source: Ethnologue). Spanish is one of the six official languages of the U.N., and is an official language of the European Union and Mercosur.


A portion of this project was printed and distributed within Cuba through a partnership with an indigenous pastor training ministry. 

The Cuban community has been a literal “island” in the sea of human relations and globalization. Ruled for half a century by Fidel Castro the island is now governed by his brother, Raúl. The void created in the people’s hearts by communism and isolationism has been filled with the desire for Christianity. Despite frequent acts of harassment against the Church, the Evangelical Church has grown rapidly and with fervor. Yet, nearly 80% of the population is still outside the reach of a local congregation. This growth has created an unprecedented need for trained pastors and Bible teachers. Training is limited by the lack of books, literature, and audio files for listening to solid preaching and teaching. (Operation World, This is Cuba, World Factbook)

The importation of books is not legal and, thus, this project is designed to create a Spanish translation placed in a digital file that can be printed within the country of Cuba. National church leaders will print books and distribute them to pastors and seminaries. 

Cuban Demographics

Population: 11,451,000
100% First Language Spanish Speakers
99% Literacy Rate (Internet users 4.4M; growing 101% per decade)
3.4% Protestant

Project Details

Title: The Priority of Preaching
Author: Christopher Ash
Language: Spanish
Project Cost: $12,000
Quantity: 6,000
Format: Soft Cover

A portion of this project was printed within Cuba through a partnering indigeous ministry which is involved in training pastors on the Island. 


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