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The Gospel as Center (Arabic)                                                    مركزيّة الإنجيل

حان الوقت لاستعادة جوهر إيماننا…

هناك جوانب هامة للمسيحيّة قد صارت عرضة للتشويش أو الضياع بسبب تغلغل النسبيّة في كنائسنا اليوم. فما قد تم الاتفاق عليه تاريخيّاً يتم الآن وضعه بسهولة محل الشك، كما أن أساسيّات الإيمان المسيحي قد أصبحت في خطرٍ. لذا، حان الوقت لاستعادة جوهر إيماننا. 

تحقيقاً لهذه الغاية، قام د. أ. كارسون، وتيم كيلر، وكيفين دييانج، وآخرون من القادة المؤثّرين بكتابة هذا المُؤلَّف للدفاع عن المفهوم الكلاسيكي للإنجيل ولدعم الكنيسة وتعزيزها.  

سيساعدك كتاب مركزيّة الإنجيل على الانضمام إلى الحركة — الحركة المُكرّسة لإصلاحٍ مبني على الكتاب المقدس لممارسات الخدمة ولمركزيّة الإنجيل، وعلى الوقوف صفاً واحداً في ظلِ قناعة بأن ما يوحّدنا ويجمعنا معاً هو أمرٌ جدير بالقتالِ من أجلهِ.



It's time to reclaim the core of our beliefs…
Important aspects of Christianity are in danger of being muddied or lost as relativism takes root in our churches today. What was historically agreed upon is now readily questioned and the very essentials of the Christian faith are in jeopardy. It’s time to reclaim the core of our beliefs.

To that end, D. A. Carson, Tim Keller, Kevin DeYoung, and other influential leaders have created this volume to defend the traditional gospel and to strengthen the church.

The Gospel as Center will help you join in the movement—the movement dedicated to a Scripture-based reformation of ministry practices and the centrality of the gospel—and stand united under the conviction that what holds us together is worth fighting for.


The Arabic language is a thread that links communities, traditions, families, and nations on several continents. Not only are there entire nations that speak the language in daily life, there are also Islamic training schools that require students to learn Arabic in order to read the Qur’an. In most Arabic nations it is forbidden to read or own Christian literature, but research has shown that Arabic speaking populations and Christians in Arabic nations still seek good theological literature as well as web-based information that they can access in internet cafés. Yet, the West must understand that to be an Arabic speaker does not mean the person is Muslim. While the rate of Muslim conversion to Christianity is about 6 million per year, in the Arab world there are already many strong pockets of Christian churches, fellowships, and even Christian Bible schools and seminaries. (Arab World Ministries)

Geography of the Language

Arabic is considered an official language in the countries of Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Comoros, Dijbouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somolia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, and Yemen.

Arabic Demographics

Population: 344,139,242
221,000,000 First Language Arabic Speakers
77% Literacy Rate (Internet users 65M; 18.8% of the population)
* Statistics are from Operation World, ICI, World Bank, IWS, and UNESCO

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