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(Russian) The Cross and Christian Ministry

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Is the cross truly the center of your ministry?
Today we commonly see images of the cross adorning churches, dangling from necklaces, and gleaming from lapels. Yet the image that is so sanitized for us today was grotesque and abhorrent to those living in the first century. It was a symbol of evil, torture, and shame. It is this realistic and horrifying view of the cross that should call us to Christian ministry and compel us to share the Good News of Christ's triumph over death.

Through his exposition of 1 Corinthians, D. A. Carson presents a comprehensive view of what the death of Christ means in preaching and ministering to God's people. He confronts the issues of factionalism, servant-leadership, shaping “world” Christians, and the source of knowledge in order to help Christian leaders learn principles for dynamic, cross-centered worship.

Language and Situation

Until 1917, Russian was the sole official language of the Russian Empire. It is primarily spoken in Russia and the other countries that once made up the USSR. During the Soviet period, government policy toward the languages of the various ethnic groups fluctuated. Though each of the constituent republics had its own official language, the unifying role was reserved for Russian.

Russia is the largest country in the world and spans nine time zones. When the U.S.S.R. crumbled, new nations were born—most of them seeking meaning to life, answers to global questions, struggle for power, and the role of government and religion. Despite the hopes for a new nation, they have experienced a high rate of unemployment and economic instability.

While the new constitution of Russia permits the freedom of religion, the Russian Orthodox Church still enjoys a comfortable role in guiding policy on churches, church planting, and missionaries often opposing evangelicals. There has been minimal investment in formal biblical training and seminaries. Most teaching still remains informal and centered around the largest cities—leaving many pastors far from the training, the resources, and the fellowship they need to grow spiritually. There is a strong call for pastoral training materials in the Russian language.

Largest Russian Speaking Populations

Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Israel, United States

Russian Demographics 

Population: 140,366,561
First Language Russian Speakers 99.4%
Literacy Rate 99% (Internet users 59.7M)
1.2% Evangelical

(Statistics are from Operation World, World Factbook, IWS)

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Resource Title: The Cross and Christian Ministry
Author: D.A. Carson
Language: Russian
Format: Soft Cover
Page Numbers: 154
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Prior to Perestroika (1986), believers in the former Soviet Union not only suffered for their faith but were also denied theological training and resources. For that reason, pastors and churches affirm theological training and resources plus church planting as their highest priorities. Having served those dear believers since 1934, Slavic Gospel Association works with and distributes resources to ministry leaders throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and all of the Russia speaking countries including the Central Asian “stans.”