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(Telugu) One to One Bible Reading

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Imagine if there was a way that people could grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ—a way that returned gospel growth to the everyday fabric of personal relationship, rather than relying on church-run programs. That guided people in a deeper, more meaningful way than an event, program or class could possibly do—guided on an individual basis by someone who cared for them personally.
What is this way? What is this activity that is so simple and so universal that it meets the discipleship needs of very different people at very different stages of discipleship, even non-Christians?
We call it reading the Bible one-to-one.

Book Review from The Gospel Coalition

Language and Situation

Countries with Telugu-speaking Populations:  
India, U.K., Australia, Singapore, Fiji, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and North America.

The people of India who speak Telugu share a language that dates back to the 14th Century B.C. Telugu is the third most-spoken language in India and is mainly spoken in southeast India along the coastline of the Bay of Bengal. What was once considered the language of the elite caste, Telugu is now a common language among the people through radio, television, and movies. This area is also home to the greatest concentra-tion of Islamic workers and conversions to Islam.
Nearly 40% of the population within each of the major cities of this region are Muslim, by faith. With the pressure of anti-conversion laws and the presence of Islam, the official percentage of Christians has declined among Telugu speakers in India and yet in the last decade there is a resurgence of evangelism (in spite of the persecution), church planting in over 26,000 villages, and the renewed work of indigenous missionaries. Still, most missionaries and pastors lack adequate training and over 50% of the region completely lacks a Christian presence. Women run most new Internet cafés and, thus, both women and men have access to online resources, books, and materials. (Central Institute of Indian Languages, IWS, and Operation World, pg. 318-19)

India’s Demographics*

Area: 3,166,000 sq km
Population:  1,214,464,312
75,510,000 First Language Telugu Speakers 
61% Literacy Rate  (Internet users 5.3M; growing 240% per decade)
2.2% Evangelical

* Statistics are from IWS, CIIL, and Operation World.

Project Details

Resource Title: One to One Bible Reading
Author: David Helm
Language: Telugu
Format: Soft Cover
Page Numbers: 103
Project Cost: $6,000

NOTE: These cases are located in the India and are for shipment in-country only.