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(Spanish) Worship Matters

“Many of us in Latin America believe that God is doing something new in our Continent. There are fresh winds of reform blowing in most of our countries, especially among the young who are awakening to the beauty of the Gospel's truth and depth. History has shown that, whenever God works revival in the nations, He also brings about a renewal in Worship. I believe that Bob Kauflin’s book, “Worship Matters” is a much needed teaching resource to encourage keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of our worship and music. I believe God can use this book to also help bring reform in this vital area of the Latin American church during this new season of Gospel discovery and restoration. Please consider helping this urgent translation Project.”

Carlos Contreras
Lead Pastor
Gracia Soberana de Cd. Juarez


One Story of Need in Guatemala

Rodrigo and Carol have worked and translated among the Achi in San Miguel Chicaj for 40 years. One pastor, Narciso, as an example of the eagerness of Achi Christians to grow in Christ.

“He had never read much, but he persevered in reading the books (it might take him months to painstakingly finish one book), meditated on the topics, and then shared them with his church as much as possible. He would finish a couple of books, bring them back to our house, then discuss them with me and pick out two or three more to take.”

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The Language

Worldwide, about 500 million people speak Spanish. For about 400 million, it’s their native/first language. It’s the official language of 21 countries, with most Spanish-speakers located in Latin America, which has a population of over half a billion. (Mexico is the world’s largest Spanish-speaking nation.)

Spanish has at least 3 million native speakers each in 44 countries, making it the fourth mostly geographically widely spoken language behind English (112 countries), French (60) and Arabic (57). (Source: Ethnologue).  Spanish is one of the six official languages of the U.N., and is an official language of the European Union and Mercosur.

Here's one example of a story about how Spanish resources are being used to strengthen the church in Ecuador. 

The Resource

Nothing is more essential than knowing how to worship the God who created us. This book focuses readers on the essentials of God-honoring worship, combining biblical foundations with practical application in a way that works in the real world. The author, a pastor and noted songwriter, skillfully instructs pastors, musicians, and church leaders so that they can root their congregational worship in unchanging scriptural principles, not divisive cultural trends. Bob Kauflin covers a variety of topics such as the devastating effects of worshiping the wrong things, how to base our worship on God's self-revelation rather than our assumptions, the fuel of worship, the community of worship, and the ways that eternity's worship should affect our earthly worship.

Appropriate for Christians from varied backgrounds and for various denominations, this book will bring a vital perspective to what readers think they understand about praising God.


“Bob loves God, values theology, and cares about people. This mix is found throughout this wonderful and helpful book. Worship Matters will inspire you as a worshiper and spur you on as a leader of worship.”
—Matt Redman, Recording Artist, Song-writer, Worship Leader, Brighton, UK

“Bob Kauflin is teaching a new generation to take corporate worship seriously in a fashion that is simultaneously biblically faithful and addressing today's culture.”
—D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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TitleWorship Matters
Author: Bob Kauflin
Language: Spanish
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Bob Kauflin traveled with the Christian group GLAD for eight years as a songwriter and arranger before becoming a pastor with Sovereign Grace Ministries in 1985. He is now the director of worship development for Sovereign Grace, overseeing its music projects and teaching on congregational worship. He blogs at and hosts the biennial WorshipGod conference.