Edmund Clowney

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(Simplified Chinese) Preaching and Biblical Theology


Some think of biblical theology as an academic discipline. To author Edmund P. Clowney it is “a labor of worship.” He writes, “A decade in the pastorate brought on me a dawning conviction that the biblical-theological approach of the seminary classroom was excitingly rich for the pulpit ministry.”

In this classic volume Clowney explains biblical theology and relates it to the following:

  • The authority of preaching
  • The perspective and character of preaching
  • The content of preaching

“Our proclamation is at the end of the age and to the ends of the world,” writes Clowney. “It requires joyful boldness as well as desperate urgency. The richness of the message is its focus on Jesus Christ. Biblical theology presents the Christ of the Scriptures, and the depth of religious experience which responds in faith to him.”


China, the largest nation in the world, is home to the fastest growing church movement in Asia. While Chinese nationals have emigrated throughout the world, over a billion people still live in China and its provincial nations. With 1 in every 5 people in the world reading the Chinese language there is a need for strong, biblically sound Christian books, theological training materials, and discipleship materials. 

The church, both registered and un-registered, is rapidly expanding and yet these pastors are in need of good study and training materials and Chinese doctrinal books that will help them lead and guide their congregations in times of difficulty and in times of great blessing. Without good materials, false teachings, error, and division have stunted the growth of the Church in China.

Geography of the Language

Simplified Chinese is mainly used in mainland China.


Population: 1,373,227,000
98% First Language Chinese Speakers
92% Literacy Rate
3-10% Protestant

* Statistics are from Operation World, World Factbook, IWSPartner

Project Details

Author: Edmund Clowney
Title: Preaching and Biblical Theology
Language: Simpliified Chinese
Format: Soft Cover
Total Project Cost: $8,500
Number of Resources: 5,000
Page Numbers: 129


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