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(Portuguese) Building Healthy Churches


In collaboration with 9Marks ministries, Editora FIEL is creating a Portuguese-language church leaders training curriculum. We will donate these resources to 300 key seminaries, bible schools, libraries and churches in Portuguese-speaking countries located in southern Africa. 
This kit contains the following:

28 hours of video Theological Courses on 8 DVDs.
Book, 9Marks of a Healthy Church
9Marks Study Guide

The video curriculum is filmed with Portuguese translation taught by Mark Dever, Greg Gilbert, Jonathan Leeman, Mike McKinley, as well as Augustus Nicodemus and other Portuguese speaking Christian leaders. These institutions will be allowed to copy and distribute print resources. In addition to this, key schools will be chosen to offer the course with a diploma giving recognition to the student's work, as well as credit, in some well known Brazilian partner seminaries. Our prayer is that hundreds of leaders will be trained through this curriculum.
FIEL ministries has been working in African nations through conferences, literature distribution and its Adopt-a-Pastor project for over ten years, and has seen much fruit. We hope that this initiative which reaches these pastors and seminaries, both formal and informal, will provide the needed training that has the potential to impact the future generation of pastors and teachers in the church of Africa.


Many people do not realize that, in the African continent nearly 50 million people speak Portuguese from various countries such as Mozambique, Angola, and other countries. Most of this region has been severely affected by civil wars and plagued by poverty and misery.

The Portuguese language spread during the colonial era, most prominently to Brazil, Mozambique, Angola and Portugal. Worldwide, there are approximately 178 million first language Portuguese speakers. 

Project Details

Geography of the Language

The primary African countries with Portuguese-speaking populations are MozambiqueAngolaGuinea-BissauCape VerdeSao Tome & Principe.

Mozambique Demographics

Population: 23,405,670
11% Evangelical

Angola Demographics

Population: 18,992,707 
22.5% Evangelical


9Marks is a ministry dedicated to equipping church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources. Our goal is simple: churches that display the glory of God.

Editora FIEL's mission is to spread among Portuguese-speaking peoples worldwide the truths of biblical Christianity, the contours of which have been shaped by the doctrines of sovereign grace, which gave birth to the Reformation and center upon the glorious redeeming work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the only Mediator between God and man.