Pastors can build a gospel culture, a relational environment saturated with grace, where no repentant sinner has anything to fear. The gospel as doctrine is true, and the gospel as a culture is beautiful. Ray Ortlund will spend some time encouraging us to cultivate a Gospel-saturated ministry.

Pastor’s wives are also invited to join Jani Ortlund who will be speaking about the unique challenge of being married to a pastor.

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Ray Ortlund received a Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Ray was ordained by Lake Avenue Congregational Church, Pasadena, California, in 1975. He served as pastor of Immanuel Church, Nashville, Tennessee until 2019, as a Council member with The Gospel Coalition, and as the President of Renewal Ministries. Ray has been married to Jani Giles Ortlund for forty happy years, and they have thirteen delightful grandchildren.
Jani Ortlund is an author, speaker, and the Executive Vice President of Renewal Ministries. God is using her in women’s conferences both in the United States and abroad. Besides conference speaking and writing, Jani is a pastor's wife, mother, grandmother, and former elementary school teacher. She holds a master's degree in education.


3420 West Peoria Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona 85029, USA


3420 West Peoria Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona 85029, USA
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