Reading Scripture with an Engaged Imagination

Stream or download the audio recording from this breakout session titled Reading Scripture with an Engaged Imagination with Sandra McCracken and Russ Ramsey that was delivered at The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Author Russ Ramsey and songwriter Sandra McCracken discussed the role the imagination plays in reading, understanding, and conveying the content of scripture. The Biblical text was written in thrift. The economy of Scripture means there are no wasted words or rabbit trails. Yet from the stories about the patriarchs to the parables of Christ, the Bible is filled with details, implications, and situations which are designed to engage the imagination so that we might rightly grasp the meaning of a passage. Scripture is a living text from a living God to living people sharing in this human experience. Russ and Sandra talked about how, in prose and songwriting respectively, they mine the detail of Scripture and use their imaginations to faithfully flesh out its context and significance, and discussed how you can too.