Moral leadership is vitally needed for communities to thrive and for societies to flourish. Over the last 50 years, changes within our society have made significant demands of those who assume the mantle of public responsibility. In such a context, how should the church prepare young people for lives of faithful leadership? And how should the gospel shape our understanding of the virtues that we need to cultivate among emerging leaders and our understanding of the ends to which their leadership should direct us? In an era when the leadership segment of American society is plagued by scandals and moral decay, there has probably never been a time when people of high integrity can provide greater leadership for wider society. Yet few churches and faith-based institutions are attending to these important opportunities. Join us for this session in which we explore the best ways to prepare Christians for lives of public influence. Based on the country’s largest study of its kind, Lindsay will present findings from his multi-year research project on the lives of national leaders and outline how churches and Christian colleges can work together to develop counter-cultural, Christ-centered leaders who work for the common good.