Becoming a Courageous, Compassionate, and Commissioned Church

We all have blind spots. It’s so easy to see the fault in someone else or another group but so difficult to see the limitations in ourselves. Unless you learn to see the faults in yourself and your heroes, though, you can’t appreciate how God has gifted other Christians. Only then can we together meet the challenges of our rapidly changing age. Maybe God has softened your heart with compassion for the broken, weak, and abused. Or he has gifted you with great courage to stand with truth. Or he has commissioned you with particular zeal and effectiveness to make disciples in all the nations. Rather than look down on and suspect the worst of one another, we are intended by God to use these diverse gifts to love the world in a church united by the gospel of Jesus Christ. The moment demands our humility, bravery, and creativity. Why should the world know us by our disharmony, discouragement, and disillusion?